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리틀 모던 테이블앤체어스는 Our Smartest Table and Chair Set! Loaded with Style and Functionality.
This beautiful little table may just have it all! Versatile and abundant storage, child-driven design features, style and ease of use. The reversible table top has chalkboard on one side and beautiful natural wood on the other. The table’s split-top design enables easy access to the abundant under-the-table storage. This storage compartment has movable dividers so it can be customized to suit the child’s needs. The chairs have an incorporated handle for easier movement. The stylish, lower backs of the chairs’ also simplify mobility and improve ergonomics. This playfully modern design is made with premium materials and is simple to assemble
사용연령 : 만 3-6세
재질 : Table and Chairs: Fiber Board with Wood Veneer. Fabric Insert: cotton-polyester blend.
사이즈 : 테이블:73 x 53 x 50.8 h cm 체어:32 x 27.3 x 41.5 h cm
무게 : 13 Kg
Pkolino products meet or exceed U.S. safety standards US Patent Pending
Product Made in China - Designed in the USA
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